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Traveling to the casa and Medium Joao De Deus

The Casa experience is a deeply spiritual journey and life changing experience.

You should remember you are here and that means there is an opportunity for you for learning and growing by receiving God’s love and be prepared to do your part, whatever that may be for you.

Many people go to the Casa de Dom Inacio for spiritual reasons, others make this trip for seeking healing.

Healing can happen on many different levels - mental, emotional or physical. Healing is a very personal and transformative process which generally takes a period of time.  Some people experience immediate healing. Sometimes the healing process starts  after some time – even long after they have left Abadiania. And others may need to come another time to the Casa.

The Entities request that all participants wear white clothing to the sessions at the Casa.

There are many different processes at the Casa to assist you in your spiritual journey. These processes include:

·         The Current Rooms where you can sit and meditate while the Entities of the Casa can work on you

·         Spiritual surgery after thus you should rest, do not go back to the main hall or the current rooms for 24 hours, do not lift your own bags within a week after Intervention, no sex for a period of 40 days after your very first Casa surgery and 8 days for any subsequent  surgeries

·         Blessed Water

·         Eating of the Holly soup

·         Magnetic passes

·         Spiritual passes

·         The triangle, where you may tuck written prayers for healing into the bottom of the triangle

·         Prayers

·         Meditation

·         Crystal baths

·         Visiting of the Sacred waterfall for the spiritual cleansing

·         Distance Healing for people who are not able to travel to the casa with request that someone represent them at the Casa for a spiritual operation

·         Sending Photographs to John of God for people who are not able to travel to the casa. Sometimes the Entity marks an “X” on the photographs. It means the processes that the person is working on require their presence at the Casa

·         Blessed herbs. Each vial is specifically energised by the Entity to meet the needs of the recipient. During the time you are taking the herbs you may not eat pork or its derivatives, drink alcohol or eat anything that contains pepper. (Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers only sweet bell pepper is ok)

The Entities recommended to travel in a group if you come to the Casa de Dom Inacia for the first time. It can be difficult to organize the trip on your own. A guide can be very helpful and provide important informations and assist you with any questions that might arise. With a guide you can go within better and see what you need to release and change in your life. You can relax and focus on your spiritual and healing process.

It’s a personal decision if you prefere to travel in a group or start your journey on your own. Either way come to the Casa, be open to GOD and trust in the healing power of Love.  

Two-week tours start on Mondays and end on Saturdays.

2014 Dates

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coming soon...

 The price of the package include:

·         detailed information about the Casa processes and protocol

·         Personal translation at all times

·         Taxis  from and to the airport ( not included when not with the group )

·         Hotel accommodation and all meals at the hotel

·         Detailed orientation at the Casa and Abadiania

·         assistance after spiritual surgery

·         Assistance during spiritual and healing  processes

·         Group sessions

·         One – on - one session if requested

·         A guided meditation

·         Visit of the sacred waterfall

·         Visit of the soup kitchen

·         One box of holy water

·         Tour of Abadiania and translations throughout the trip

Not included:

·         Airline tickets

·         Taxis to or from airport when not with the group

·         Taxis after spiritual surgery

·         Private taxi transportation

·         Private telephone calls

·         Herbs prescribed by the Entity

·         Crystal bed treatments

·         Personal shopping

·         Medical Insurance

·         Travel insurance

·         Bottled water ,snacks, drinks, Cristals, souvenirs, meals out etc.

·         Laundry Wäscheservice

·         Gratuities Trinkgeld

·         Any additional tours or sightseeing

Please note

·         For regarding immunizations for this trip please contact your doctor

·         The visit in the casa cannot replace a doctor visit and do not guarantee a healing

·         The healing trip you are making is your own responsibility and no one else’s

·         If you are taking medications prescribed by your doctor you must continue to take them throughout the trip

·         An ability to travel should be certified by your doctor.

·         No guarantee or liability, especially for direct or indirect damages, illness or injuri resulting from the trip is not incorporated.

·         A deposit of half the tour price must be paid at time of booking

·         Should a participant cancel, a cancellation fee will apply

·         Should the tour be cancelled a full refund will be given

·         The tour guide may cancel the tour for example because of absence from John of God