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Energy pictures blessed by the Casa de Dom Ignacio


At the visit of John of God in Vienna from 28 - 31 March 2011 passed the blessing of my painting Sananda from the Entity Dr. Jose Valdivino. Dr. José Valdivino has also signed the painting and confirmed that he recognise Jesus with the words: " Yes that is him, he looks like him, you made it very well ".


Sananda is the same entity known as Jesus. Sananda is the name of Christ energy, the epitome of unconditional love and devotion as an expression of divine consciousness. Sananda is constantly working to anchor the Christ consciousness in the hearts of the people on this earth and thus supports the ascension process of humanity and the earth. He is always with advice and help for us here.

The paintings are powerful sources of energy, so it is very important to me to make it possible for many people that they can buy the paintings at an affordable price. My artworks are acrylic paintings printed on fine quality canvas and reworked with acryl ennobled with gold paint to bring the original 3D effekt and holograms back. With this kind of process the colour brilliance of the vibration paintings can sustain. They get put on wooden frames, signed, sealed with special UV - protective paint and colored at the sides so they can function well without a frame. The images carry the same energy as the original itself.

Size: 70 X 60

The painting is available in June as a poster and postcard.

To see other works from me, please visit this link: www.divinevisions.at