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I thank all beings of light for their guidance, support, gifts and miracles that I could experience and to Joao de Deus for his remarkable service to humanity.


GOD is Light and Love. Everything is ONE. Everything is GOD. GOD is within us. We are GOD.


The divine beauty mediated and expressed in art, touches the soul and allows to contact with the mind in just a second. It can reconnect and harmonize.

Spiritual Art

The divine beauty as an art any form mediated and expressed, touches the soul and allows in a moment to contact with the spirit, to be connect and  harmonize.

The artist as a spiritual ambassador of light

Art is very important for me and is a basic tool for unfolding the divine plan on Earth. As an artist I see myself as co-creator of God, I materialize messages of God in visible forms and tangible energies in my paintings. I begin my works with a prayer or meditation, where i request for connection with the spiritual world and divine guidance. While beeing in a state of unintentional perception I get visions, mediumistic hearings and feelings. I receive pictures of angels and archangels, masters and entities of the cosmic hierarchy to which I feel a deep connection. Divine visions and inspirations have a profound energy, harmonizing effect  on body, mind and soul and strenthen human consciousness. My images operate as energy sources and implicate divine messages.

Since my childhood I paint with passion and over time I got access to the higher dimensions of light and to my past skills and knowledge. My channel and my third eye opened and I started to receive messages from the spiritual world in gratitude. The personal experience of divine forces and subtle energies expanded my consciousness. This approach has been accompanied by processes of internal growth and deep transformation. I experienced great, touching leadership, relase, patience, trust, faith, innovation, love and many miracles. Meditation and trainings in channeling, energy work and spiritual healing assisted to experience this process.

My Mission 

In December 2010 I made an exhibition of my energy paintings. I got very positive Feedbacks from a lot of visitors. This inspired me to reproduce some of my pictures. With a part of the deceed I want to support the Casa de Dom Inacio and other aid- projects such as the realisations of the crystel bed in Bulgaria. It is very important for me to share my success with others.

My first contact with the Casa was four years ago, when Anita Fuller – a Casa Guide, introduced the Casa during an event. The film shown there and the following wonderful meditations touched my soul deeply.

Since then this wonderful connection with the Casa de Dom Inacio has always continued to intensify and the desire to help people grew steadily.

The following years I could tell many people about the Casa and passed the gift to get in contact with it on.

In August 2010 I got the great news that John of God will be visiting Vienna in March 2011.
Through divine guidance I had the possibility to be a part of the Staff Team in Vienna.

My job was to assist the Bulgarian group as a simultaneous translator.
During these days I could realise “serving” as a gift and wittnessed many miracles and divine love.

A great gift was given to me as Dr. Jose Valdivino, which was just incorporated, blessed and signed my painting "Sananda" with the words: " Yes, that is him, he looks like him, you made it very well".

A short time later I was an official guide of the Casa de Dom Inacio and now i have the possibility to serve and help people in Bulgaria even more.